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"Specializing in rosaries, jewelry, and prayer items made from flower petals"


Pictures Page

**Beads may vary in size and texture. Beads are individually handmade, rolled, and drilled.** 

**Color may vary slightly from flower**

  1. If you have 3 or more colors of flowers being made into beads you will be charged $10.00 extra on your order, flat fee.
  2. If you want two colors swirled together it will also cost $10.00 extra on your order.
  3. Add bead caps to any item for $5.00. Excluding the items stating "caps included".

If you are sending order through the mail you need to pay in full when you send your flowers. If you drop off the flowers to me please pay anywhere from half of bill to full payment in cash. Thank you!

Metal Cleanings and Repairs are always free!

Ask about a free Brown Scapular. I can send with your order. More information...click here.

Regular Bracelet

Regular Bracelet - $35.00. Caps Included.

Car Angel - $35.00. Caps included on Car Angel.

Car angel

Car Angel from rearview mirror. $35.00. Caps included on Car Angel.

car chain

Car Chain - $25.00 (Caps $5.00 extra) Choose pendant below to add on end. Shown with Cross.

pendant to hang from car chain

Pendants to add on bottom of Car Chain. Rose, Handmade with Love Heart, Large Crucifix, Guardian Angel, St. Christopher Medal, Small Crucifix, Fancy Cross, and Cross. Car Chain - $25.00. (Caps on Beads $5.00 extra)

Pendant Necklace-$20.00. Silver-Plated. Cap included.

sterling silver pendant

Sterling Silver Pendant only - $15.00. sterling silver cap included.


Rosary $49.00. Shown with caps $5.00 extra.

Rosary $49.00. With caps (as shown) $5.00 extra per rosary.

Rosary $49.00. Rosary to right shown with caps $5.00 extra.

Rosary with caps $54.00.

Rosary with caps. $54.00.

Teach everyone especially our young!

Another beautiful picture of the rosary. Shown with caps $54.00.

Here the Rosary is paired with the Car Rosary. Both have caps which is an extra $5.00 each. 3 or more colors in a flat $10.00 fee on order.

Pocket rosary $33.00. Shown with caps $5.00 extra.

Pocket rosary $33.00. Shown without caps.

Car Rosary $33.00. With caps $38.00. (Shown without caps)

Car Rosary with caps $38.00.

Car Rosary, no caps, $33.00.

Car rosary $33.00. Caps $5.00 extra.

Rosary bracelet $35.00. Caps included.

Rosary bracelet $35.00. Caps included.

White rosary bracelet. $35.00. Caps included.

St. Michael Chaplet $39.00. With caps $5.00 extra.

Sacred Heart of Jesus Chaplet. $39.00. Show here with swirl $10.00 extra. Caps would be $5.00 extra.

Sterling Silver Miraculous Medal Pendant Necklace. $53.00.(18" chain.) Cap included in price.

Backside of Sterling Silver Miraculous Medal Pendant Necklace.